Foot Seduction – How to Find and Seduce a Foot Fetishist

Foot Seduction – How to Find and Seduce a Foot Fetishist

Even though foot fetishism is, by far, the most popular sexual fetish, it can often be next to impossible to find a foot fetish partner. You will find dozens of dating sites and places to post a personal ad. Unfortunately, most such places are a waste of time and yield little, if any results. For anyone with a foot fetish, wanting to find a partner, it can become disheartening to say the least. Fortunately for you, there is a simple solution, several actually. In this short article on foot seduction you will learn where to find potential partners and how to attract dozens of them each day.

There are two types of site you should avoid: free dating sites and free classified personals. These sites are havens for spam and spammers. The personals section of a free classifieds site will attract spammers who send you fake personal ads by email in order to get you to buy a dating site membership. The free sites are even worse. These sites have on-site spam (fake girls selling cam memberships) and send out email spam. Most of the profiles on free sites are also fake which mean, not only do you get spammed, but you waste your time in trying to contact anyone.

You have two alternatives to finding a foot fetish partner: a niche dating site aimed at foot fetishism or a general dating site with a good internal search engine that allows you to search for foot fetishists.

If you enter something like foot personals into Yahoo! or Google then you will find a number of foot fetish dating sites. If you live in a major city, like New York for instance, these sites can be ideal. Every member has a foot fetish and they tend to have lots of people in major cities. The downside is memberships are often expensive and they, consequently, have a relatively few members when compared to big dating sites.

Your final solution is to join a big dating site, one with a few million members. Just ensure you join one that gives free accounts. With foot fetishism being a very popular fetish you have a strong chance of finding a lot of people who share your fetish, even when using a general adult dating site.

If you choose this last option, you should do two things: create a good profile and use their internal search engine. Use keywords associated with your fetish on your profile. This will ensure that people looking for a foot fetish partner will find you in searches. Similarly, go to the search page yourself, and input your criteria: location, gender of person you are seeking, and people with a foot fetish. This will reveal a list of local people who could all be potential partners. You can now add them as friends or message them.

Now, finally, when it comes time for foot seduction, or seducing people with a foot fetish, you must do three things: include photos of your feet in your profile, tell the person you contact how much you like their feet, and share your secret foot fetish fantasies. A foot fetishist has usually had to share their foot fetish alone. It is a big aphrodisiac to have someone share fantasies that might mirror there own.

If you take the advice in this article you will certainly find hundreds – maybe thousands – of potential people willing to become foot fetish playmates.

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